Exciting News for WA State East Asian Medical Providers!

As of last night the Senate Passed SB6280 to further the scope of LAc's (Licensed Acupuncturists) to clearly include and represent what we do, East Asian Medicine.  This bill also introduces this term and allows Acupuncturists to now call them selves East Asian Medicine Providers (EAMP).  I hope that this brings further clarity to our state and beyond about what an East Asian Medical practitioner has to offer, as what we practice is a total system of medicine developed continually over thousands of years of history.

Nurse Practitioner on the way

I have decided to further my education and licensure and become a Family Nurse Practitioner (ARNP in WA State).  I will be taking classes slowly so as not to interupt my regular practice.  In a year or two I expect to start clinical internship at a fine local facility.  This will not be changing my work schedule as I will be utilizing one of my extra days off for this purpose.  I feel that with such a strong degree so close at hand (given my previous education and experience as an RN) that it would be silly not to integrate fully with this primary care license.  I was accepted into a masters program this week and expect to start classes in May.